Blackjack strategies
As blackjack is one of the most popular games in online casino, there is nothing surprising about there are more than a dozen different types of blackjack. Strategies are invented for each of them, so for beginning players it is sometimes difficult to find the best strategies for online blackjack. The only way to understand - is to choose the optimal system for the game to blackjack alone, guided only by experience. In addition there are other tips to win blackjack, using only the most basic principles of the game.

Fortune Season

One such advice is very simple and is used by beginner players who still do not know about the existence of difficult and effective strategies for blackjack. It's very simple to use: simply raise the bet when you feel (or see) that you have the fortune. If during a consecutive deal you get the good cards and win the dealer - you can raise the bet. Such a mode of play will avoid one of the main pitfalls of blackjack - because the payout for the ordinary combination (not for blackjack) in this game is paid 1 for 1, it is very difficult to get a sum of really big money at the end of the game. And increasing the bet, having the fortune you will be able to charge much more.

It is clear that this advice in itself helps little - it is best to use it in combination with the effective strategy or card counting methodology for blackjack. In addition such a method has a considerable disadvantage: by increasing the stakes you can not only get a big profit, but spend your entire budget for a few minutes, once you lose your fortune. In order for betting to increase, you have to make decisions only according to the strategy you have chosen - and do not get out of it, even if you have to take very risky actions (for example, folding the bet and taking a card additional with the hand costing 14-15 points).

The Best Card Counting Strategies

It's surprising, but despite a lot of "age" of blackjack until today one of the most effective methodologies to win is the card count. Although it should be noted that there are many different techniques on how to count cards in blackjack. Some of them allow you to learn card counting for fifteen minutes, others are so difficult (but also effective), that to dominate them takes a lot of time.

One of the most famous and popular method of card counting - is the Zen Count strategy. It is necessary to use it as follows:

-For each ace that has left the game it is necessary to subtract from the sum total 1 point

-For every two, three, seven it is necessary to add to the sum total 1 point

-For every four, five, six it is necessary to add to the sum total 2 points

-For each card that costs 10 points it is necessary to subtract from the total sum 2 points

This methodology requires practice and extreme concentration but gives the player a considerable predominance before the online casino.