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Casino bonuses are used by online casinos as a means to incentivize players to come and play at their casino. With an immense amount of competition out there online casinos generally need to differentiate themselves from one another especially since the vast majority of online casinos operating are powered by a handful of software companies all boasting the same selection of games. To learn more about online bonuses we suggest to look the banners below to get a better understanding of the two most popular bonuses offered by casinos which we have gathered above.
You always have the option of saying yes or no to a casino bonus and sometimes you might want to pass on a specific bonus. To help you stay on top of all the casino promotions available to you, many casinos send newsletters to their members. It is well worth it to read this material not to miss out on the best deals. As a new player you can find out about the best casino bonuses in gaming forums online and base your choice of casino on this information. The most popular casino bonus is the welcome bonus. This is the promotion that meets the new player in the door and it is also the bonus that gets the most attention in online casino forums.