Sic Bo strategies
Sic Bo is one of the most attractive casino games you can play today. The prominent dice game features a layout that requires people to determine what they think will happen as the dice are rolled. This is to see if the three dice will come up with a series of numbers in mind.

There are a few particular variants of Sic Bo that deserve to be noticed. Each has its own features and distinct way for people to bet on what can happen and how the game is organized with certain features and points in mind.

Grand Hazard

Grand Hazard is the most prominent variation of the game to see. This is played with three dice but they are rolled down a hazard chute. This is an inclined plane that helps get the dice to be evenly rolled around before they reveal their numbers.

A triple in Grand Hazard is not going to pay as much as what comes out of Sic Bo. In Grand Hazard, a triple offers an 18-to-1 payout. This is in comparison with the 30-to-1 that a triple offers in Sic Bo or even the 180-to-1 that occurs when a person chooses a very specific triple to show up. Therefore, other bets in Grand Hazard are typically recommended.

The game is not too hard to play although this is due to Grand Hazard having fewer betting options than Sic Bo. It does not necessarily work with many bets relating to the total sum of the dice or special combinations that might occur at a given time. The straightforward nature of the game makes it appealing as does the way how the dice are rolled to create a very random result depending on what happens when playing.


Chuck-a-Luck is different in that the three dice in this game are kept in an hourglass-like body. The dealer will roll the cage over to reveal the numbers that the dice will land on.

This version of Sic Bo does not have as many betting options. It offers single and triple bets plus bets on how large the sum of the three dice will be. Most of the payouts are even money although a 2-to-1 payout is good for when someone gets two dice with the same number or 10-to-1 when all three have that number. A person who intentionally bets on a triple will get a 30-to-1 payout.


Birdcage is the more basic version of Sic Bo that people can play. Birdcage focuses more on even money payouts as it is more about figuring out just how each individual dice will pay out. Payouts can work for triples but they are not all that easy to come by as most people just go with the even money bets to begin with.

Sic Bo is a very entertaining casino game but the ways how people can play the game deserve to be noticed well. It is easier to find the more traditional version of Sic Bo at a casino but the ways how people can play the game are certainly interesting for how they vary in terms of how they run.