What games can I play at an online casino?
At an online Casino one can play many games. These games have gained popularity as they provide you with similar games which are offered in general casinos. In the former, you need not face the dealer or other players in person as in the case of latter, while enjoying matching levels of excitement within your privacy and comfort zone.These games are mainly two: poker and sports betting:


Poker is a very popular, universal and competitive game. To play it is necessary to have a great skill, practice and a lot of patience. This is the only way to start being profitable . The mathematical and psychological elements of the game make it recognized as a game of skill that depends almost entirely on the player (except for the chance of
the cards that touch him).

Sports bets

The key to making money with sports betting is to have a thorough knowledge of the statistical landscape of sport (past and present) and to the extent possible have access to internal knowledge. For example have useful contacts in the stables for horse races. If you do not have that privileged access, another option is to connect with the sports betting community through discussion forums and websites to exchange opinions and analyze expert advice.

Mathematically Optimized Betting Games

In this type of casino games, the game ultimately prevails over the player, but it is still possible to improve your odds and minimize the house advantage by adhering to the mathematically optimized betting systems or strategies of each of the games .

The strategy to follow to increase the chances of winning in this type of casino games is found in mathematics. Using statistics and mathematical calculations of probabilities, ie optimizing your bets mathematically speaking, you can significantly minimize the advantage of the bookmaker . They are:

Black Jack

Following the "basic strategy" of BlackJack you can reduce the advantage of casino banking to 0%. This means that the house would have no advantage over the player.


This game of chance, also known as "English pass" or the dice game in general. In this online casino game you bet on the bank and can be either very beneficial or very harmful to bettors, it all depends on the type of bet they choose. Some plays end up at a low or no bet limit while others play an advantage of up to 17%.

Video Poker

To be able to beat the house advantage in video poker you have to play with an optimal strategy. Even without using any strategy the limit of bet in all the variants of videopoker is very small.

Fixed Odds Games

This does not mean that players can not do anything to improve their chances of success, although there are strategies and tricks to make more money (or optimize profits and minimize losses) in all casino games. Nor does it mean that you should not play these games, but in these the ultimate purpose is not profitability but have fun and spend an exciting time emptying your head.

The most popular fixed odds games online casinos are as follows:


Taking into account that each spin is statistically independent of the following it is impossible to develop an optimized system of bets as for example in the Black Jack where the cards can be counted.